Lifetime beauty

Lifetime beauty

Hey gorgeous! Do you know how to keep that outer glow and inner radiance?

I have discovered one of the best ways is to stay grateful.

I have found gratitude is that inner elixir than keeps you confident throughout the storm. It gives your inner peace and serenity that will let you know you will make it.

Gratitude is an beautiful attitude that must be cultivated. It is best cultivated during an upset, bad situation, or shocking experience.

Yet, when applied it is like the balm of healing for your beautiful soul.

It is the main ingredient when focusing on the beauty of life.

Oh, yeah add a smile and your inner beauty is bound to shine through.

Keep up the fight, my lovelies…in the spirit of LaLucha…


Stay as beautiful and grateful.




Cultivate real beauty with these 3 simple methods.

Cultivate real beauty with these 3 simple methods.

Beauty is more than physical. Too me, real beauty is ethereal. It is intangible. It is something that is felt and not fully seen. That kind of beauty cannot be brought by wearing a new shade of lipstick or donning the latest fashion apparel.

Although doing these things can make you feel and look nice- it is temporary satisfaction. I find when I generate feelings of love and gratitude that is when I feel the most beautiful. It radiates from within. It is like my inner sunshine, no matter what is going on externally. I also find that is my power place.

The 3 methods I use are simple yet powerful and effective.

  1. Upon awaking I say with a smile on my face: THANK YOU to the Divine Substance- I AM for Life and to have another chance at having a great experience. I say Thank you over and over again until the feeling of gratitude is felt and generated.
  2. I look myself in the mirror and smile at myself and say: Hello Beautiful- I love you! No matter what I may look like from the night before.
  3. I take deep 9 deep breaths- imagining I am breathing in beauty, joy and acceptance for myself.

Start your daily ritual like that I find gives me the upper hand on creating an awesome day!

For more details on creating your perfect life Journey- check out my book Pursuit of the Soul. Available through KIndle, Amazon and Create

Have a beautiful day!

Avery Alexander

Spiritual beauty

Spiritual beauty

Today, I was thrilled to see one of my cousins. I have not seen her in years! The conversation quickly changed from one of excitement to one of languor. My happy demeanor change to one of solace and sadness. Every other word that was uttered from her was nothing but complaints. It sounded like one note being played on a horn loud and monotonous.

Then I had a beautiful revelation which I cannot wait to share with you lovely, beautiful people.

I imagined each one of us like a musical instrument, each playing our tune in our own life. Our ears are geared to hear the most melodious of sounds. I am choosing today to let my words spoken be like honey, my thoughts be like musical notes of bliss and give myself permission to be in the present listening to the gracious sounds of my own breath. I am choosing this beautiful people because nothing sounds more sweeter. As I say ah, I speak gratitude for the awesome pleasure of being fully alive.

To me that is LaLucha beauty.

Breathe in and breathe out, for it is a beautiful place to be.

Are you worth the fight?


The word La Lucha is a Spanish word which means the fight. I chose this term because as I reach another year older, I am beginning to see signs of aging. A couple of grey hairs there and wrinkle line there.

Being a woman, let’s face it- I must say getting older is not held sacred as far as beauty standards go. So what do I do, I succumb to the opinions of society and fight like hell to stay young. I believe youthfulness favors those who values it. To a degree, I know this sounds shallow.
However, I love looking youthful, I will continue to fight like a warrior to preserve my looks. I exercise daily, I eat well, I take vitamins. I will do what ever it takes and fight the good fight of keeping my beauty.

Now as you read one side of my thoughts, there is another side -this sweet surrender, love and compassion I have for myself as I age gracefully. It is the shinning of my inner beauty. It is the knowledge I have gathered to reach this far in age. What I have learned is this: I have seen age reverse depending on how a person feels about themselves. Happier people tend to look younger. Angry and sad people always tend to look older. Youth seems to have a connection to vitality. More and more I have found countless examples of older people holding on to vitality.
Again, it confirms that being old is a matter of attitude and not one’s chronological age.
Are you worth the good life by having a stellar, youthful, vital attitude? Yes, baby you are! Also, why you are at it may I suggest you do not neglect your looks as you keep your beautiful attitude.

In the spirit of La Lucha stay beautiful.

Avery Alexander


3 Ways to Cultivate Inner Beauty

3 Ways to Cultivate Inner Beauty

True beauty is an inner attitude, when worn it adorns the person like the most elegant and finest clothing imaginable. I put together 3 ways how you can truly shine beautifully no matter what you are wearing. These sure fire ways will get you noticed and most of all have you feeling good about yourself.

1. Let your inner confidence shine.
Without inner confidence, you cannot feel beautiful. The two goes hand in hand like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Feeling confident will give you that inner glow and that magnetic energy. This energy is emitted and people can feel whether you are confident or not. So do choose to believe in you. Know that you are beautiful no matter what. Soon others will concur, that there is something beautiful and special about you. Most of all you will feel you are beautiful and special too.

2. Make an agreement to always be kind to yourself.
There is nothing more beautiful than being true to you. There is an inner voice within you that hears everything you say about and to yourself. Be true to your inner voice by being beautiful and kind to yourself always. Give yourself frequent self hugs. Try placing one hand over your heart and one hand over your stomach. Take three breaths in and on the out breath repeat within yourself, ” I love and forgive myself. I am beautiful.”

3. Make a positive gratitude list.
Make a list of all of your physical, mental and emotional attributes and read them daily. For example, you know you make the best French toast, or you love your bright smile, or you are good with animals. Writing down and reading your attributes will allow you to appreciate yourself more. Then say, thank you for having these attributes. Showing gratitude for every attribute you posses will allow you to feel more beautiful inside.

Beauty is really within…

Beauty is really within…

Ok, I know you may not agree with me. As for the 5 billion dollar beauty industry, they more than likely may not concur that beauty is really within. Let me explain further by what I mean.

Beauty is an attitude. It a feeling. It is a state of confidence. No amount of makeup, hair weaves or beautiful clothing can give someone beauty confidence. Beauty confidence is the magic ingredient that brings your entire presence the ‘zing’ you are looking for. Without feeling beautiful within, the probability of looking beautiful without is slim. Make sure whatever you do to look your best, make sure you take the time to feel beautiful within. Here is to the beauty fight! Lalucha!

Just Breathe!


In the brisk, cold winter months I find the air fresh and exhilarating! The crisp, cold air is good for the lungs. It is said fresh, cold air kills any untoward bacteria. To keep the body and mind intact try breathing deeply for 5 to 15 minutes. It will relax the body and clear the mind as it stimulates the left frontal section of the brain.*

In other words my dear, breathing is necessary for health and keeps you looking fresh. Tired and need a boost, breathing deeply is good for that too.

As I listen to the words of that favorite song, I am inspired to just breathe! Let the stress go. In the fight to remain beautiful, strong and glorious; remember to breathe. It will give you calm through the fight to take flight!

*as reported by 2004 Bowling Green State University study Ohio by Richard Davidson on Happiness.

20131211-162903.jpg picture taken by Avery Alexander, 2013 all rights reserved. Jackson Lake, GA

Protect your lips lovely!


Winter is here, and it can be a concern of noticing dry, chapped lips! Definitely a La Lucha situation.

What do we do for that in La Lucha beauty world? We fight dry, lips like a thief in the night! We arm ourselves with natural lip product protection!

Try natural lip balm, lip salve or natural emollient lipsticks. I personally like lipgloss from Burt’s Bees, LaVera natural kosmetics from Germany and Celestial Blessings.

Celestial Blessings is a very interesting new find for me. Owned and created by Sheila Looman from Jackson Lake, Georgia.
Her lip balm is called 4 thieves. Named after pure essential oil from a company called Living Young.
This lip balm will not leave your lips feeling unloved, stolen from nor neglected.

Shelia uses her wise herbal wisdom to create a wonderful lip balm that can be used by natural product conscious men and women.
Her well sourced ingredients are infused oils of Comfrey, Calendula, St. Johnswort, Plantain, beeswax and thieves essential oil bend.

Story has it, Sheila uses a lot of love in preparing this specialty lip balm by hand.

If you’re in Jackson or the Atlanta area you are in luck! You can learn how to make this lip balm yourself. Sheila hosts monthly natural skin care classes where you learn how to make varied products. Lovely indeed!

Here is to luscious lips my lovelies! Muah!


Facial Bliss


Today, I gave myself a glorious facial. It felt good to scrub away all the old cells and layers of debris from my face. I immediately saw my youthful glow return once more. I wanted to encourage all my La Lucha beauties out there to get or give yourself a facial at least once a week. Your face will love you for it.

Design your own facial from organic cornmeal for a great exfoliating experience. Use which hazel for a toner. Complete with organic coconut oil for a moisturizer and you will be good to go!


Cultivate inner beauty


Beauty is divine. As they say unless beauty is maintained it will over time fade. Inner beauty never fades. It is more substantial than outer beauty. It shines through like beauty for the soul. Stay beautiful by cultivating a positive attitude. Generate gratitude for all things and people in your life. Treat yourself and others kindly. Forgive yourself and others easy. Top it off with love for life you will create a beautiful life that sings!